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About DoctorTool

In accordance with our motto "Digitalize Your Health", we present IT as an integral part of safe, quality and affordable health care through DoctorTool.

DoctorTool is a cloud-based clinical application / Management Information System (SIM) that integrates patient-service providers in one ecosystem ( all in one ) to support health services in the JKN era and the new normal era.

DoctorTool is designed for service providers (Independent Practices, Primary, Dental, Beauty Clinics, Midwifery Practices, Pharmacies, Puskesmas, Hospitals) and the public (JKN Participants and Non-JKN Patients) throughout the archipelago.

The Benefits of Using DoctorTool in the Pandemics and New Normal Era

  • DoctorTool bridges a doctor-patient relationship that is safe 24/7. Doctors can continue to practice and meet the needs of patients.
  • An online queue system is integrated with the monitor and automatic calling in line with the implementation of physical distancing.

Increase revenue

  • Increasing BPJS capitation income
  • Bring in new patients and increase general patient visits through improving the quality of service
  • Add new income from telemedicine and online pharmacies

Reducing operational costs

  • Cost of printed materials through the application of paperless
  • Additional administrative officer salary costs
  • Expensive internet fees *

*) Based on usage in clinics that use DoctorTool, clinics can subscribe to internet packages that are up to 60% cheaper than using other applications

Why Need DoctorTool

Online System

In the post-pandemic era of COVID-19, clinics need to adapt to the online system so that there are no more fears in service

Telemedicine and Online Pharmacies

DoctorTool is the only one that provides one stop service such as online queues, telemedicine and trusted online pharmacies easily

Modern Queuing System

No more queue buildup in clinics with the most modern queuing and registration systems

Menggunakan teknologi terkini

DoctorTool menyediakan sistem pendaftaran dan antrian online sehingga pasien akan diberi notifikasi juga sudah dekat gilirannya

Artificial Intellegence

DoctorTool with AI technology can help analyze the possibility of disease from symptoms and history of medical records

Prediksi Penyakit

Data rekam medis diolah secara cerdas dan otomatis oleh sistem untuk memberikan masukan kepada dokter tentang kemungkinan penyakit pasien.

Financial Reports

Goodbye manual calculation! DoctorTool helps you in the calculation of doctor commissions to financial statements

Automated Reports

DoctorTool automatically records every clinic income and expense that can be presented through a balance sheet and income statement

Cloud Medical Records

Medical record data is stored properly in the cloud, speeding up the search and safe from the risk of multiple data, damaged, or lost

Beberapa server cloud

DoctorTool mempunyai beberapa server cloud yang saling membackup sehingga aman dari risiko data rusak dan hilang

Appropriate to Accreditation

No longer encouraging accreditation. The DoctorTool is designed to take clinical accreditation standards by the Ministry of Health

Follow Ministry of Health Standard

No longer encouraging accreditation. The DoctorTool is designed to take clinical accreditation standards by the Ministry of Health

Online Registration and Queuing System

  • Online Registration via Mobile JKN or DoctorTool Mobile
  • Integration with BPJS Health online queues
  • KiosK system, display and queue calls
  • Bridging with PCare BPJS
  • Telemedicine integrated with medical records

Owner Dashboard & Visit Dashboard

Displays visit, doctor and financial statistics (income / expenditure) in real time anytime and anywhere with easy-to-understand interactive charts and tables

Pharmacy Management Information System

  • Data of product masters, units, distributors, etc.
  • Manufacture of PO, recording of incoming stock, inventory taking and returns
  • Stock Reminder
  • Sales of prescriptions are integrated with doctor's services
  • General sales without a prescription
  • General online sales and integrated with telemedicine

Financial Management and Accounting

  • Automatic journaling of pharmacy and cashier transactions
  • Manual journaling (general journal)
  • Setting the COA (Chart of Account) code
  • The COA code has been adapted to the needs of the clinic
  • Automatic Income and Balance Sheet reports

DoctorTool module

Practice Module

  • Medical visit
  • Dental visit 
  • Immunization visit
  • Growth and development visit
  • Obstetric Visit (ANC / PNC)
  • Family planning visit
  • Home care visit
  • Personal health assessment visit
  • Telemedicine visit

Electronic Medical Record Module

  • Visit history
  • List of allergies and diagnosis
  • Examination chart
  • Health profile, etc.

Receptionist Module

  • Registration of Visit
  • Appointment and queuing system
  • Membership
  • Clinic Information
  • Scheduling Clinics and Doctors

Cashier Module

  • Billing and payment
  • Payment cancellation
  • Receipt printing
  • Cashier report

Clinical Management Module

  • Owner, Doctor, and Visit Dashboard
  • Reports
  • Human Resource

Pharmacy Management Module

  • Product data
  • General sales and presciption
  • Online sales
  • Purchase order and incoming stock
  • Stock take

Laboratory Modules

  • Direct integration with visits, bills and medical records

Accounting Module

  • General journal
  • Automatic journal
  • Balance sheet and income statement

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  3. Arrange training schedules, implementation and mentoring

  4. In just 5 days from registration, DoctorTool is ready to run in your clinic

DoctorTool User Testimonials

"The system is safe and comfortable! The interface is user-friendly and easy to navigate. The features are complete and suitable for family doctors" dr. Susi Oktowati - Klinik Mitra Sehati Owner, Kab. Bandung "The features are complete, integrated with BPJS. Satisfied with the DoctorTool service team who are always ready to help staff and doctors in the clinic." dr. Ranny Rullianty - Klinik Mitra Sehati Owner, Kab. Bandung "Assalamualaikum to the DoctorTool team ... thank you for facilitating our work at the Clinic. Since using DoctorTool, I have been helped to monitor clinical activities better, the application is easy to use, hassle-free, useful information, both for doctors and patients." dr. Fahima Albaar - Klinik Mitra Sehati Owner, Kab. Bandung

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