DoctorTool Participates in Japan-ASEAN Startup Business Matching Fair 2023

(From left to right, Rainaldo CEO of DoctorTool, Mr. Suryanto Wijaya Vice Chairman of DoctorTool, Mr. Suebsit Sarntisart from Bank of Ayudhya Public Company Limited, Elisa Yoshigoe CMO of DoctorTool, Septu Jamasoka CTO of DoctorTool)

Bangkok, June 9, 2023 – DoctorTool participates in the Japan-ASEAN Startup Business Matching Fair 2023 as a representative startup from the Indonesian healthcare sector, both at the event booth and investor’s pitch stage. This participation is part of DoctorTool’s continued effort to develop and introduce their all-in-one health digital ecosystem to international audiences.

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This event has several purposes including to promote the business collaboration and economic co-creation between Japan and ASEAN countries, to create opportunities for ASEAN startups to meet with potential investors for rapid post-pandemic growth, to give support for the digitalization transformation on business side, to encourage sustainable business by carbon neutrality which is also aligned with the bank policy in ESG promotion, to celebrate the 50th Anniversary and strengthen Japan-ASEAN Friendship and Cooperation.

The Japan-ASEAN Startup Business Matching Fair 2023 was attended by various startups from different industries, ranging from Health Tech and Aging Society, Fintech, E-Commerce, Food Tech, and Green and Carbon Neutrality. This event consists of several themes, such as the Startup Pitching Room, Business Matching Area, Booth Zone, and Networking and Reception Party.

As many as 63 startups participated from various countries, such as Japan, Thailand, and other ASEAN countries as well as 180 investors who are ready to study various innovative products and provide investment support so that those startups can continue to grow.

“This event has been phenomenal in connecting startups like us to investors from various countries, and in return we were able to introduce the latest tech innovations from the healthcare segment.” Explained Rainaldo, CEO and Co-Founder of DoctorTool after making a pitch to the investors in the startup pitching room.

“DoctorTool is also very proud to represent the region as one of the few selected Indonesian startups, and we commit to continue providing our all-in-one health digital ecosystem products in Indonesia.” Explained Elisa Yoshigoe, Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer of DoctorTool to the media after making a pitch presentation in front of companies and investors.

DoctorTool’s participation in the 2023 Japan-ASEAN Startup Business Matching Fair was also covered by Thai local media, such as Work Point Today and others.